Cookies for the Troops

It is time for Team 3 to bake cookies to be sent to the troops.  If you can find the time, you can bake 10 dozen cookies, put in bags of six and twist tie seal.  You are able to use chocolate chips at this time.  Please have them at the church by Sunday, March 7 to be delivered by Tuesday, March 9.  You also have the option of writing letters to the troops by making ten copies to send along with the cookies.  Monetary donations to help with postage are always appreciated.  Thank you for helping with this worthy project.

Adult Bible Study

     We will be starting a new study on The Walk by Adam Hamilton (Five Essential Practices of the Christian Life) on Friday February 12th at 10:00 am if you are interested.  The books are $14.00.  There are sufficient funds to cover the cost of the texts, or individuals may donate whatever amount they choose to the Adult Education Fund.  Let Patty know if you are interested.

GLEE Scholarship

St. Paul GLEE Scholarship
(Gary Lundeen Education Excellence)

The St. Paul GLEE Scholarship is administered by the St. Paul Lutheran Church Scholarship Committee and the Gary Lundeen Family. The scholarship is for students attending or planning to attend an accredited college, university, or trade school.  All recipients must meet the specified criteria. Scholarships will be used for tuition.

Gary Lundeen grew up in Missouri Valley where he was baptized and confirmed at St. Paul Lutheran Church. Education became a major part of Gary’s life as he became a teacher. His faith that started at St. Paul stayed with him through the Vietnam War and as he battled his illness for several years. Because of his faith and education, we would like to help our youth with this opportunity in his name.

Scholarship Criteria

Applicants for the St. Paul GLEE Scholarship, awarded through the St. Paul Lutheran Church Scholarship Committee and the Gary Lundeen Family must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be a confirmed member of St. Paul Lutheran Church.
  2. Receive the scholarship at the completion of the first semester if you have a minimum 2.5 grade point average.
  3. Be officially accepted for admission to an accredited university, college or trade school.
  4. Enroll as a full time student each semester for an award.
  5. Participate in the life of St. Paul Lutheran Church through volunteer opportunities and documentation of your involvement. This includes worship assistant, committees, community table, community garden, VBS, Sunday School, etc.
  6. Write a short essay discussing how your moral, ethical and spiritual beliefs will impact your ability to make a difference in the world.
  7. Maintain a minimum 2.5 grade point average or better to retain the scholarship and to be considered for a new award.
  8. You can reapply – providing you meet the requirements.

Applications are available in the church office or at the link below. The deadline for applications is April 1, 2021.

2021 Scholarship App