Sesquicentennial Parade

Congratulations… Honorable Mention

Thanks to ALL who helped with our float in the Sesquicentennial parade.  We had great ideas, fun and fellowship.  We are in hopes to continue the celebration of our 100th Church Anniversary with a float for the Harrison County Parade in July.  


Coffee and Fellowship

     St. Paul will resume coffee and fellowship after the Sunday worship services.  There will be a signup sheet on the table in the Fellowship Hall if you are willing to sign up to serve on the kitchen committee.  At this time through September, it will be a weekly signup.  June 27 and the month of July are covered to help get things organized.  The council requests that for now, there will only be individually wrapped snacks offered.  Please check the storage closet to use any items that may be leftover.  Once things get settled down more and we see how things are going with this, the Council will revisit the situation and make changes as they see fit.  Thank you for your cooperation on this.  

100th Anniversary Cookbooks

     The St. Paul 100th Anniversary cookbook has arrived! The cookbooks are available for only $12 and have over 400 recipes submitted by members of the congregation. Remember to purchase the cookbook as gifts for family, friends and neighbors. To purchase, look for the order form on the back table of the sanctuary or in the fellowship hall. Checks can be made payable to St. Paul Lutheran Church. Orders can be given to Lori, Stacy or Tracey.