Angel Tree Project

Since there is a hold on in person worship services The Angel Tree committee wanted to reach out and make sure all interested members have the opportunity to contribute to this cause. If you would like to give a gift please contact Melissa, Jen, or Tracey and we can let you know which tags are still available for adoption. Available tags will also be posted on the St. Paul private group Facebook page. You can also offer a monetary donation to the project by getting money to Lori (checks made out to St. Paul), and the committee will direct your donation to the most advantageous outlet. Please return gifts to the tree by December 13 with the appropriate tag attached. We appreciate your continued support with this project, and we look forward to helping out many families in need. Thank you!
Melissa Huegli 814-599-4599

Jen Ferris 402-639-4557

Tracey Russmann 712-269-7194