E100 Bible Study


Whitney T. Kuniholm longed for a way to connect his kids to the Bible. He started developing a short list of “essential passages” for them to read. That list continued to expand to 100 passages that tell the grand narrative and message of God’s Word. This program and personal and church challenge, developed by Scripture Union, can be read in 100 days or six months or a year. Set the challenge time frame for yourself.

As a church, we are challenging ourselves to read these essentials and get the big picture of the Bible. Reading the Bible on your own and then discussing your insights with others will transform your journey through the Bible into a powerful spiritual experience.

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How to use

  • For each lesson, click on the Book icon to be directed to Bible Gateway to read the daily passage. The Read passages are from the NRSV (New Revised Standard Version).
  • For each lesson, click on the Audio icon to be directed to Bible Gateway to hear the scripture read to you. You will need to press the play button. If the passage continues to the next chapter, use their chapter selection tool. Please note that the audio player will play the entire chapter; it will not automatically stop at a certain verse. The Listen passages are from the NIV (New International Version).
  • Print out the Daily Readings handout.