Who We Are

You are cordially invited… Let’s worship and serve God together!

Come, worship and serve at St. Paul’s. We welcome those who’ve got it all together and we especially welcome those, like us, who don’t. We welcome you if you are uncertain, uncomfortable, or “just browsing.” And we welcome you if you are strong in your faith. We welcome if you aren’t familiar with “church” and don’t know when to stand. And we welcome you too if you are more Lutheran than Lake Wobegon.

We believe…

That God loves all of God’s creation. That God is the Father; and the Son, Jesus; and the Holy Spirit. One God in three persons. That God sent Jesus who died on the cross for our sins and that Jesus rose again. That Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to be with believers. That we meet God in the Word and in the sacraments (Holy Baptism and Holy Communion).

Because of that…

We don’t have to do anything to be saved. Jesus did it all. We have been freed from the eternal consequences of sin and we have been freed from long lists of things we have to do to be saved. That is nothing that we deserve. God gave us this out of God’s love for us. It is a gift of pure grace. Out of our gratitude for all that God has done, we serve our neighbor with good deeds.

Know that you are outrageously, abundantly, and radically loved by God. We’d love to walk with you, serve God together, and worship together.