Pilot Message

After the resurrection, there were several documented Jesus sightings. There was Pentecost and there was the beginnings of the early church. Disciples were sent out to go and tell, to preach, teach, and baptize. They had work to do. We can read about this in Acts. Acts or the Acts of the Apostles, is a bit like a travel log and a bit like an early church diary. Did you know? The whole book of Acts can be read in about two and quarter hours.


After we celebrate the resurrection, we have May. May is the month for the end of the school year, for Mothers’ Day, for graduations, and for the start of the summer travel season. We too are often sent out– often to rest and reconnect with family and friends.


This year, it’s perhaps the first summer that will be “more than” since 2018. May it be more open to travel, more open to having company over, more open to all things summer. No doubt you’ve been thinking of this too. As you rest and are sent out, as you experience a “more than” summer, may you continue to learn about Jesus. May you be inspired by the apostles and the early church. May you grow “more than” in your faith walk.


To help us do that, I have created a reading plan for the book of Acts. I created a plan with dates and one in which you would fill in the dates. The reading passages are by chapter and as Acts is short, these passages are “fun sized” pieces. Sundays are ‘free days’ with no reading. There are two additional ‘free days’ as well. The dated plan begins Sunday, May 8 (a free day). See the insert into this Pilot for the plan.


As you are sent out into this summer and into the book of Acts, may you see the Holy Spirit at work in the apostles (and in your life). May you see the Spirit’s broad inclusion of people. May you find “supporting characters” in Acts (and in your life) who make unique contributions to the witness of the faith.