Pilot Message


Life is often a winding road. Sometimes there are enough “switchbacks” to make a person wonder if they are still on the right road. We continue winding our way through Lent and onto Easter (March 31). We have been looking at history and hope with Abraham’s family.


On the path, we will pass various markers. For these markers, here are some scripture and life questions for reflection.



Wednesday, March 6 (Gen 18:1-15)

We look at history and hope through the eyes of Sarah, wife to Abraham, mother of Isaac.


Have you had something in your life that you hoped and dreamed about that seemingly has not happened? What does that feel like?


If you are a parent, how have your hopes for your child/children impacted your life?



Wednesday, March 13 (Gen 21:8-21)

The lens of hope this week is from Ishmael, Abraham’s first-born son whose mother is Hagar.


How do you imagine the two brothers, Ishmael and Isaac, got along?


If you have siblings, how might life be different if one of you were the promised child? What would that mean for your other family relationships?



Wednesday, March 20 (Gen 22:1-19)

Our final look at the crossroads of history and hope is through the lens of the son, Isaac. Remember that he was not the first born but he is the child of the promise. Recall that his father, Abraham, bound him and placed him on the altar as directed by God.


What do think were his early thoughts and feelings about his father and his heavenly father?


There was a ram, caught in a thicket, that could be an offering instead of Isaac on the altar and so the ram was used. Have you or someone you know, ever been saved (from something, anything) at the last minute? How did you or that person wrestle with what didn’t happen? What does it feel like to be saved?



Palm Sunday

What has been the most thought-provoking thing for you from this Lenten path?


What feelings have emerged in this Lenten path?


Promises, laments, laughter, and praise wound around the paths of their lives. As you reflect on your life, think about God’s presence at each incline, each switchback. What four words would you choose as markers?



Easter Sunday

In mercy and steadfast love, God remembers each of us – and all of us – at our own crossroads of history and hope.


How can you remember that going forward?


What does that mean for you?



I’ll see you on the winding road. Let’s meet in worship.


Soli Deo Gloria,