Pilot Message

In January, we selected Star Words. They were to help us see God working in and

among us. We remember the star that led the magi to Jesus. We are also seeking

Jesus, trusting God can and does use many signs (or stars) to guide us close.


Now that it has been a while, I hope you have had a chance to think and pray about how

God is working.


Did you have an immediate connection to your word? Maybe you nodded immediately

as several things came to mind. Maybe you scratched your head. Here are two follow-

up questions for you to consider your star word.


Thinking again about the word you drew, how do you think God is inviting you to

respond to this?


What is the main feeling about your word and God?


May these questions help you with see God and see how is moving in, around, and

through your word. Let us pray…


God, we acknowledge that we are not always ready to receive your best gifts for us.

You have given us an epiphany word in order that our searching will bring us to you.


It is often our habit to turn aside, stumble over, or even reject experiences and

encounters that we later understand to have been precious gifts.


Help us to be open to the gift that you offer us now through our star words. We

acknowledge that we do not fully understand what this word might mean for our faith,

but we receive it from you with gratitude and pray that your Spirit will enable us to live

into our word with intention and faithfulness. Amen.