E100 Bible Study (Lessons 61-80)

Lessons 61-80

61 – Feeding of the Five Thousand (Luke 9:1-36)      
How would you explain Jesus’ miracle of feeding 5,000 people to a skeptic?

62 – Walking on Water (Matthew 14:22-36)      
What “storms” have you faced recently? How did you cope? Think of a situation that is causing you fear or stress. With that in mind, say aloud several times, “Take courage. It is I. Don’t be afraid.”

63 – Healing a Man Born Blind (John 9)      
How do you see God working miracles today?

64 – Healing a Demon-Possessed Man (Mark 5:1-20)      
Do you believe in the existence of evil in the world today? Where have you seen or experienced it personally?

65 – Raising Lazarus from the Dead (John 11)      
What does it mean to you to know that Jesus has power even over death?

66 – The Last Supper (Luke 22:1-46)      
What does this passage say to you about Jesus? What does it say to you about Peter and the other disciples? About you?

67 – Arrest and Trial (John 18)      
What do you think Peter was thinking that night? Have you ever been in a situation like that? Have you faced pressures to “deny” Jesus?

68 – The Crucifixion (John 19)      
In light of what Jesus did on the Cross, why do you think so many people still ignore him?

69 – The Resurrection (John 20-21)      
Many/some people say the resurrection is just a “myth” or the result of wishful thinking. What do you think? Why is it important that it’s true?

70 – The Ascension (Acts 1:1-11)      
Scripture says Jesus will return as he left. Imagine what it must have been like to witness the ascension! What will it be like to view His return?

71 – The Day of Pentecost (Acts 2)      
How did people react to the coming of the Holy Spirit on that Pentecost day? What do people think about the Holy Spirit today?

72 – Growth and Persecution (Acts 3-4)      
Have you ever had a conflict with authority over a matter of faith? What principles guide the way you act in such a challenging situation?

73 – The First Martyr (Acts 6:8‐8:8)      
Why do you think people get angry, even hateful, when Christians speak out about their faith? Pray for present-day martyrs.

74 – Sharing the Word (Acts 8:26‐40)      
Philip felt a “nudge” from God to help the Ethiopian. Have you ever felt a “nudge” from God? How would you recognize it? What did you do about it?

75 – Good News for All (Acts 10:1 – 11:18)      
Peter had to overcome prejudice in order to welcome Cornelius. Are there prejudices (perhaps unintentional) that exclude people from your church fellowship?

76 – The Road to Damascus (Acts 9:1‐31)      
Paul “saw the light” about Jesus. Have you had a time or maybe various moments when faith moved from your head to your heart?

77 – The First Missionary Journey (Acts 13-14)      
Paul and Barnabas provoked severe opposition. Why do you think that was so?

78 – The Council at Jerusalem (Acts 15)      
Think of a major disagreement in the church. How can principles from this passage help?

79 – More Missionary Journeys (Acts 16-20)      
The Holy Spirit led Paul and Barnabas in their journeys. Have you ever been conscious of the Spirit’s leading? In what ways does the Holy Spirit lead you?

80 – The Trip to Rome (Acts 25-28)      
There’s a challenge that says “If you were on trial, accused of being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you?” What evidence would you present?