Sunday School


     Sunday, May 8 will be the last day for Sunday school and confirmation classes for the year. We have been so fortunate to have been able to hold classes back in our wonderful classrooms with few interruptions this year. Thank you to not only the students, but also to the parents/grandparents, etc. who got the children here so that we could share the word of God and the teachings of Jesus with them. We would especially like to thank the Sunday school and confirmation teachers for their hard work and cooperation: Jodi Fetter, Carole Gorham, Pastor Jean, and Stacy Pippitt. 


     We’ve also been able to have the youth sing occasionally for Sunday services again. What a welcome addition to our worship! We are truly blessed!


     After a long hiatus, it’s fantastic to have the youth (and adults) fully participate once again in Food Pantry collections and Pennies from Heaven for our India mission. Thanks to Shari Warner for providing music during worship for these service projects.