Iowa Cookie Crumbs



Operation Holiday Cheer

Holiday Cookie Packing – Tuesday, November 16th   

Reminder:  We are only sending cookies, candy, snacks (jerky, nuts, etc.), calendars and notes/letters of support

Cookie reminders: 

  • bake anytime before and freeze 
  • try and make cookies approximately 2 1/2″ inches in diameter
  • have 10 dozen cookies baked and packaged in sandwich bags (6 cookies per bag)
  • use baggies sandwich bags if possible and secure with a twist tie
  • place cookies so they make a tube when secured
  • under bake your cookies approximately 1 minute to preserve freshness
  • label if your cookies contain nuts and/or peanut butter – we also have “Contains nuts” labels printed that can be attached at the packing session

More details about the November 16th packing will be sent in the coming weeks.