A Wednesday Word – 8/31/2022

a Wednesday Word …too busy for the banquet
The Gospel reading for today is Luke 14:15-24.
The Parable of the Great Dinner
In this, a man prepared a banquet and invited many. Each had an excuse so he sent his servants into the street to gather the lame and beggars to come in.
God has invited us all to the banquet. Does God need to beg for guests?
St Lawrence was compelled to hand over to the government the treasures of the church. When soldiers arrived, they did not find piles of gold but a group of people.
“You asked for the treasures of the church. These are our true treasures. Lying on the ground here is an old gunnysack filled with vessels and candlesticks. Some of these are made of silver, gold, and bronze. These you can gladly have. They are not of much value to us. But they are not what you asked for. The decree you sent to me said that you wanted to collect our treasures so I assembled them, these people, here for you.”
Have a blessed day, treasures of God’s church.

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